2 Pack IGBT Module

IGBT ModuleThe optimum design of Hivrons IGBT module gives it the advantages of a high current capacity and low power consumption. High efficiency, small size, and low weight have been realized in this module. It is extensively applied to power circuits such as welding M/C, SMPS, and UPS, and its efficiency is recognized in fields that require high switching.
2 Pack IGBT Module Applications
   Power sheet motor
   Fuel pump motor
   Electric power steering
   Radiator motor
   BVces : 600V & 1200V
   Low conduction & switching losses
   Smooth switching waveforms
   Industry standard package
   High power density
   Isolated base-plate for high power cycling Capacity
   Low thermal resistance

7 Pack IGBT Module

Hivrons IGBT 7-Pack is composed of a module and a 3-phase inverter. It features a built-in thermistor and a rectification diode. The IGBT 7-Pack provides the advantages of stability and high efficiency.
7 Pack IGBT Module Applications
   Variable speed drives
   Uninterruptible Power Supplies
   Welding applications
   Inductive heating
   Renewable energy systems
   Inverter for motor drive
   AC and DC servo drive amplifier
   Industrial machines, such as welding machines
   Modules with copper base
   Optimized heat spread
   Included thermistor (NTC)
   High reliability and power density
   Latest IGBT4 chip technology
   New mounting technology

DIODE Module The diode module eliminates or reduces the unnecessary parts of a circuit. It is suitable for fields that require fast switching and waveform recovery. In addition, a small diode module is available, and it is easy to install.

400V Class Diode Module
Part No. Circuit Characteristics DataSheet Package
Irr[V] IF[A] VF(ON)
X2D100NC04H1 NCtype 400 100*2 1.05   H1
X2D150NC04H1 400 150*2 1.05   H1
X2D150NC04H2 400 150*2 1.05   H2
X2D200NC04H2 400 200*2 1.05   H2
X2D100PC04H1 PCtype 400 100*2 1.05   H1
X2D150PC04H1 400 150*2 1.05   H1
X2D150PC04H2 400 150*2 1.05   H2
X2D200PC04H2 400 200*2 1.05   H2
X2D100NS04H1 NStype 400 100*2 1.05   H1
X2D150NS04H1 400 150*2 1.05   H1
X2D150NS04H2 400 150*2 1.05   H2
X2D200NS04H2 400 200*2 1.05   H2
X2D100PS04H1 PStype 400 100*2 1.05   H1
X2D150PS04H1 400 150*2 1.05   H1
X2D150PS04H2 400 150*2 1.05   H2
X2D200PS04H2 400 200*2 1.05   H2
X2D150HF04T1 400 150*2 1.05   T1
X2D150HH04T1 400 150*2 1.05   T1
X1D300SF04T1 400 300*1 1.05   T1
X1D300SH04T1 400 300*1 1.05   T1

MOSFET modules are used for high-speed switching circuits that use less than 200V, and provide the advantage of stable operation. A module can be applied to vacuum cleaners with 3-phase BLDC motors, washing machines, air cleaners, electric bikes, and electric wheelchairs.


   3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver
   Electric Vehicle Motor Drive
   Electric Bike & Scooter Motor Drive
   Vacuum Cleaner

   BVCES = 24V ~ 200V
   Full 3-Phase Bridge Configuration with
       MOSFET Brake.
   140 A Continuous Output Current.
   Ultra-Low Inductance Internal Layout.
   Low thermal resistance.
   Single Inline Package.
   Very Compact Size for Setting up.
   High Performance Speed Drive .

IPM is a power module that adds a self-protection function to the driving circuit of IGBT. It is extensively applied to hybrid automobiles, wind power generators, solar light power generators, and industrial motors. As it does not require an auxiliary driving circuit or protection circuit, the product is small and stable.

IPM (Intelligent Power Module)

   Motor control devices
       (AC220 / 440V inverters, servos)
   Wind power plant
   Hybrid car

   Adoption of new trench chip delivers
       low saturation voltage
   Incorporation of newly developed Control IC reduces
       controller's power consumption and
       improved the noise immunity.