Hivron produces alternator regulators by leveraging the expertise of our competent engineers, who have more than 20 years of working experience. Our accumulated design technology and stable quality have been acknowledged in the Chinese market. In addition, Hivron is expanding its business to ECU controls and RVC regulators, beyond the realization of mono-type and multi-type. Hivron is specialized in designing various 12V and 24V regulator systems that meet the requirements of our customers.

Regulator for Alternator Mono
Self compensating thermal circuit with custom setting voltage.
Power device designed for handling high current(6A) and less power
     dissipation on the limited space conditions.
Multi-function (HIC Type & ASVR Type)
   - Soft Start & LRC function.
   - Fault warning & protection
SARVC determines the optimal regulated voltage based on battery
    SOC (state-of-charge), battery temperature, battery charge current.
RVC system allows for improved fuel economy by lowering the system voltage, and therefore the
    generator load on engine, when the battery is sufficiently charged.
SARVC Functions
   - Monitoring battery voltage & Estimating Battery Condition
   - Corrective Actions : Adjusting Regulated Voltage (RVC), Boosting Idle Speed, Managing Loads.
   - Diagnostics & Notification

Hivrons alternator rectifiers can be customized according to alternating power rectification and thermal characteristics. Stable rectification characteristics are guaranteed, even under poor conditions.

Rectifier Alternator Features
Applied for 12V & 24V charging system.
Wide Operating Range : -45 to 215@ junction
Custom design considering alternator assembly and
    thermal characteristics.
Aluminum heat sink
   - Flat type heat sink (Progressive Press)
   - Fin type heat sink (Die Casting)
Press-fit diode applied. (Power or Zener Diode)
Soldering Free Design
   - Welded connection with stator wire
   - Bolt joint connection with regulator
Trio diode assembly optional.
   - With trio (Mono function V/R) or without trio (Multi function V/R)
Models : 128/135 , 121/128, 121/137

Various types of ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, and wheel speed sensors are available. Our sensors are designed specifically for industrial and vehicular applications, which are fields that require stable waveform and driving. Based on the technological power, we have accumulated over many years, Hivron develops products that suit the requirements of our customers.

Ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
   Object sensing device
   Sensor for factory automation
   Proximity sensor
   Detection distance: Maximum 6m
   The functions of waterproof and earthquake-proof are remarkable,
       so it is possible to use outside.
   Exclusive algorism is applied to minimize sensing errors.

Pressure Sensor
Pressure  Sensor
   Measuring absolute pressure of manifold
   Measuring air pressure and pressure of exhaust gas recycle (EGR)
   Applicable to the extensive range of automobiles and industries
   Pressure range: 20 kPa to 102 kPa
   Temperature range: -40C to 105C
   Temperature compensation
   Protection against electromagnetic interference

Wheel speed sensor
Wheel speed sensor
   Speed sensing at the automation line for industry
   Sensing the wheel speed of automobiles and delivering ABS ECU
   Operating temperature: -40C to 105C
   Freq. range : 0 to 25KHz
   Supply Voltage : 10 to 30V DC

power driver for hybrid.gif Power driver for hybrid car has the function to drive DC Motor and to reduce electromagnetic noise and switching loss.
DC Motor Driver can be applied to a variety of fields, such as electric power steering systems, electric braking systems, and power seat motors.
Hivron designs the power drivers to be required by customers planned system.

Hybrid DC-DC Converter
Hybrid DC-DC Converter
   Hybrid car
   Electric train
   Rapid Electronic Railway
   Current: 0.06A to 400A
   Temperature in use: -40 to 120
   Input Voltage : 5 to 400V
   Output Voltage : 1.5W to 5.5kW

Pressure Sensor
DC Motor Driver
   Power sheet motor
   Fuel pump motor
   Electric power steering
   Radiator motor